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Traveling / Gopher State

Irondale Baseball League (IBL) is now offering Traveling Baseball at  levels 9U - 15U.  Based on previous registration numbers the main interest is at the

We will be holding tryouts, which will be led by an unbiased 3rd party that will rank each player on basic skills (i.e. hitting, pitching, fielding, etc).  The tryouts will be held in Mid-February.  The exact date and location will be communicated when everything is solidified. If a player is not selected for a traveling team they will be placed on an intructional team based on their age level.

You must be registered and paid in full by Feb. 1 in order to be considered for a Traveling team. 

In addition to the registration cost there will be additional Tournament Fees that will be collected from the coach once the teams are formed and the spots are accepted.  The additional costs will vary between teams and will be determined by the coach, but you should expect $250-$300, but can be more if the team decides to register for more than a few tournaments.  

*Unfortunately, we are unable to provide financial assistance for our Competitive program. Players needing financial assistance are welcome to play in our Instructional league. *


Can parents or spectators watch the traveling tryouts?

Unfortunately, we do not allow spectators to the tryouts. Our goal in this situation is not to be secretive, but to lessen the pressure that the student players feel when trying out for a select team. The more spectators, the more difficult it is for players to relax and play to the best of their ability. The only people allowed at the tryouts are the players, the team coaches, IBL board members, and the designated player evaluators.

2019 Tryout Results

We are looking to play both 12U Traveling teams at the AA level and thus split the teams evenly based on player results.

The PDF below lists both teams.